Dominion Trading. Coffee that gives back.​


Dominion Trading provides the highest quality coffee while creating sustainable business for families in Ethiopia.


With each cup of coffee you buy, a fair wage is paid to the workers that have brought the coffee beans from its beginnings to become the cup that we get to serve you. 


Hub City Coffee Co. is proud to serve coffee that changes lives, and our hope is that life changing community is created and cultivated every step of the coffee process.


From the harvesting and cultivating of the coffee beans to the cup that is in your hands, we are looking to make a difference. 

ETHIOPIAN YIRGACHEFFE smooth | bergamot | sweet

This coffee radiates with complexity. It is roasted to accentuate the sweet milk chocolate aroma with a little lemon peel. It draws you into the cup with more chocolate and bergamot, finishing creamy and smooth with a squirt of citrus and lingering garden flowers.

ETHIOPIAN YIRGACHEFFE DARK bright | cocoa | lemon

Sometimes you want your coffee a little bolder. So we roast this coffee darker, but not too dark, just dark enough to give a very slight hint of oil on the bean. This gives the coffee a dark chocolate aroma and the flavor of bakers’ cocoa with a lemon drop.

MESKEL ETHIOPIAN BLEND bold | mocha | flowery

Here we take the best of Ethiopia and blend it together to tantalize the tongue. It makes a bold statement of dark chocolate and a bouquet of citrus sweetness. This medium body coffee finishes smooth, lingering long and begging to take another sip.

MOLLA ESPRESSO BLEND thick | maple | complex

One sip and you relax and slow down to thoroughly enjoy this profusion of flavor. It coats your tongue with maple syrup and rich chocolate, a splash of amaretto and a little zing of citrus, and finishing with lingering woodsy flair. This coffee is exceptional in your favorite espresso drink, served as a straight shot, or even as a very bold French press.

ETHIOPIAN SIDAMO DECAF silky | fruit | wine

You don’t have to sacrifice flavor in a decaffeinated coffee. We offer a unique Ethiopian coffee from the Sidamo region. This coffee will tantalize you with an aroma like a spring bouquet. The coffee comes alive with a fruity taste, a hint of lemon and finishes silky smooth.

ZEMA DECAF ESPRESSO sweet | chocolate | earthy

The word Zema is Ethiopian “to sing.” This espresso has a complex dark chocolate and almond flavor and little whistle of lemon will cause you to break out in song. The coffee is medium to full body and finishes with a pleasant walk in the woods.


Monday-Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 8am-2pm.
Don't forget we have a drive thru!!! Come check us out!

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